Generális Információ
Nem: Férfi
Tipus: Osztály 08 tolatómozdony
Tervező: Brit vasúttársaság
Gyártó: A Magyar szövege kiszámíthatatlan
Konfiguráció: 0-6-0
Szállítás éve: 1957 Június
Személyiség: Fondorlatos
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Greetings! My name is Clint Basinger and I'm the person behind the YouTube show Lazy Game Reviews. But why am I doing the whole Patreon thing? Well, cuz I rather enjoy making LGR episodes and this campaign does a lot to help me continue to do so -- and hopefully improve it along the way!

I love making YouTube video, which is why I've released one or more per week since June of 2009. Classic computer gaming and retro technology is my big fat passion. I often lose myself in the process of researching origin stories, enjoying a nostalgic headspace while using vintage hardware, and interacting with the community of folks that's formed around this stuff. And since starting LGR my appreciation and enjoyment of all this has exponentially increased. I'm lucky to have found a fantastic audience on YouTube that digs this stuff, too!

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